About Company Founder

Anytime a CEO is about to start sharing the key messages regarding the New Year to the colleagues, an assessment of the previous period of business is more than essential. I’m feeling lucky since it’s always a pleasure to share a great success story out loud: a doubled year-on-year turnover growth, an increasing number of projects, witnessing more and more agents joining our operation model and being shortlisted at one of the industry’s major award festival would make any Leader proud and smiling. keeping our financial growth rate sustainable, enriching and engaging further our global agent pool, providing our clients with more sophisticated services are all among our goals we have to achieve this year.

Even though this topic is serious enough to fill out any year opening message, yet let me share some thoughts with you about the HOW instead of the WHAT. The way we as a company work and do business with our partners is sealed by our corporate values every agent should be well aware of.


Our Team

As always, partners grows with you!

Company in Lines

Al-Wasi IT Solutions Private Limited was started to bring whole new class of services and a unique approach to provide valuable services and efficient solutions to our clients. It is engaged in delivering information technology .